(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


  1. New Collaboration Website
    1. http://collaborate.athenpro.org/projects/web/
  2. IITAA Conformance Logo
    1. This issue came up at the UIC Disability Expo last week
  3. Survey form best practices
    1. Example: http://html.cita.illinois.edu/nav/form/form-example-survey-label.php
    2. Instructions coding
    3. Question coding
    4. Hidden labels
  4. Next Steps for Adobe PDF


  • Jon Gunderson, UIUC
  • Hadi Rangin, UIUC
  • Jim Wilson, UIUC
  • Dan Grauman, NIH
  • Mike Scott, DHS
  • Melissa Romanotto, DHS
  • Nick Hoyt, UIUC
  • Stan Berman, Consultant


Collaboration Website

IITAA Conformance Logo
  • I would be interested in 508 considerations in having a logo
  • IITAA is mostly 508, except for the web, where it has been updated for where 508 is going
  • There have been several questions in the past week about supporting a logo for web sites that support or pass IITAA
  • We have avoided logos, due to the old “Bobby” logo, most sites only passes the automated tests
  • Example: http://www.dhs.state.il.us/page.aspx?item=43642
  • Proposed IITAA certification: must pass all FAE rules and then a sample of pages that pass all manual tests
  • The representative pages would be collected by DHS and provide information on when the testing occured
  • Once someone passes the test and they are certified they can include the logo and the logo goes back to the list
  • It will be alot of work to maintain, why not keep track of pages that don’t pass?
  • Only organizations that request the certification will be included in the list, no one is required to be included
  • Organizations need to test with FAE on their own and then select representative pages for manual tests and do there own testing
  • It might help us, since people have to do some testing before they ask us to test
  • Any other thoughts?
  • At the federal level I sense, a lot of agencies have steers away from it, it creates an environment where people go to the automated tool rather than the accessibility statement
  • When people don’t have certifications, often people file complaints, so agencies do not want to promote people file complaints
  • What I like about the list is that it provides a list of example pages for other people to look at
  • We were surpised agencies were asking for this feature
  • Accessibility statements are more valuable when they are truthful
  • One of the the things that we will shoot for is honestly
  • There will be date stamps so if there are changes that effect accessibility there will be at least a verification date
  • It is a challenge to keep it meaningful, there is garauntee that it will be in the future
  • Have the agencies also sign agreement that they commit to continued maintenance and improvement of accessibility
  • You want them to do more than just the 30 pages.
  • Tim Offenstein at UIUC might be interested

Survey form accessibility
  • Current best practices recommend
    • Use TABINDEX for questions and instructions
    • Use headers for questions
    • Hidden labels for high density form controls
  • other suggestions
    • Extra TAB stops can be a problem for screen readers
    • Put instructions after question and before form controls
  • Currently many surveys put instructions before the question
  • What does DHS recommend
    • The best practices use SELECT instead of RADIO buttons or use FIELD/SET legend
    • This is better for keyboard users
  • What about instructions??
    • JAWS 10 has auto forms mode and is suppose to ARROW through the pages
    • General instructions come before the forms
    • Sometimes put both the instructions and label in the label
    • Hide the instructions in the label (Screen reader friendly)
    • The instruction makes sense
    • The use of the headers will depend on the length of the form
    • A short form doesn’t need headers, or when questions are the first thing in each row
    • Some questions are outside the tables
    • We have found that people use to many headings
    • It dependent on how the form fields
    • Using the example of the table navigation could be used
    • If you are filling out a survey does anyone go back and change responses in a survey
    • There is the problem of two many headers or not enough
    • Heading navigation can be over done
    • Use natural groupings
    • Form builder is considering removing heading navigation
    • The list of form fields is one way to navigation
    • The web masters forum will have someone talking about form controls
    • There are multiple ways to navigate
    • DHS has not ever recommended the use of headings
  • Does it need usability testing