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Conceptual model of web accessibility evaluation
  • “https://trac.ainspector.org/design/wiki/interaction-design/conceptual-model”: https://trac.ainspector.org/design/wiki/interaction-design/conceptual-model
  • The model can provide a frame work for techniques
  • NH: Describes the relationship between the objects in a conceptual model of web accessibility evaluation
  • NH: 2 main objects: HTML-related objects and Evaluation-related objects
  • NH: HTML-related objects have 4 properties
  • NH: Description of each property…
  • NH: Evaluation-related objects have 6 properties
  • NH: Description of each property…
  • NH: Rule mapping sets properties on rules related to required or recommended
  • NH: Evaluation results is a way to aggregate rule results
  • JG: An important part of this model is to make sure that our techniques and tools are in harmony with each other in organization and terminologu
  • NH: Description of accessibility rule
  • MS: Will each rule be associated with a WCAG SC
  • NH: Yes
  • MS: How do techniques related to WCAG 2.0 techniques?
  • NH: There will be a list of techniques “text strings”
  • MS: Each rules would list techniques
  • NH: There will be a list of all the ways to satisfy a rule
  • NH: There is an external resources list that could provide URLs to the WCAG 2.0 document
  • MS: I was looking at the WCAG 2.0 failures
  • MS: There might be a lot of rules for some SC
  • JG: Not every technique will have a a rule
  • JG: We still want to focus on what we want for accessibility and then reference WCAG techniques related to the technique
  • NH: Continue discussion of accessibility rule properties….
  • NH: Rule mapping properties…
  • NH: Ruleset is collection of rule mappings
  • NH: A rule result is an the result of an evaluation
  • NH: A rule result has a target html-object
  • NH: A rule result types are: “pass”, “manual check”, “not applicable”, “violation” or “warning”
  • JG: The model help provide guidance in developing support resources

Continue discussion of IITAA 2.0 techniques organization and relationships to ARIA authoring guide, rules and WCAG 2.0 success criteria
  • MS: I have been out for week
  • MS: What I will say at UIC Digital Accessibility Expo will be talking about IITAA 1.5 will harmonize with WCAG 2.0 requirements
  • MS: IITAA 2.0 will wait until we have a clear idea of wear the Sectino 508 refresh is going
  • JG: I think it would be good to leave door open to adopting 1.x version IITAA