(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1.0 Face to Face Meeting

2.0 Web Accessibility Coding Practices Resource


FTF Meeting
  • JG: No objections so far to the date
  • JG: We will start about 9-9:30 go to about 3-3:30

Conceptual model for coding practices:
  • http://trac.web-accessibility-best-practices.org/wiki/design/conceptual-model-2
  • NH: There are interesting relationships between evaluation model and the coding practices conceptual model
  • NH: One of the differences is that the model highlight different features
  • NH: Discussion of the Primary and secondary object
  • JG: How do techniques and examples fit into the model?
  • NH: Techniques are related to rules, but not the same
  • NH: Examples show the implementation of a technique
  • NH: There may also be priority to apply the rules
  • NH: Relationships between rules and text cases
  • NH: Discussion of Rulesets
  • NH: Discussion of Rule categories
  • NH: May include rule sequence
  • NH: This would help people with different roles to focus on what types of rules apply to them
  • MS: Will there will be more than one rule sets? WCAG? Section 508?
  • NH: We need to have a bridge between this group and OAA
  • JG: Discussing what a ruleset is
  • MS: What are the difference between coding practices and a technique?
  • NH: They are close
  • NH: Rules have a rich set of properties including techniques
  • MS: A rule has one or more techniques or examples
  • MS: Is coding practices something we need in our vocabulary
  • NH: We discussed this as an alternative to “Best Practices”
  • NH: You could say coding practices for “Form Controls”
  • MS: Coding practices have techniques and techniques have examples
  • MS: The rules are largely defined by OAA, we can have input
  • JG: We need to define the terms “Techniques” and “Examples”
  • MS: I think “coding practices” seems more ambiguoius
  • NH: I will update this coding practices