(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. Update OAA Evaluation Library and OAA Cache Inspector Toolbar:

3. Rule Categories


1.0 Update on OAA Evaluation Library and OAA Cache Inspector
  • JG: New version published last week
  • JG: New reporting feature for creating HTML version of the report
  • JG: Feedback on reporting features

2.0 Rule Categories
  • http://trac.web-accessibility-best-practices.org/wiki/design/rule-categories”:http://trac.web-accessibility-best-practices.org/wiki/design/rule-categories
  • http://trac.web-accessibility-best-practices.org/wiki/design/conceptual-model
  • MS: The order was based on HTML and accessibility training
  • MS: From that perspective we were going from simpler to more complex
  • MS: Data tables seem like they should be before links
  • NH: I created this page shortly after then last teleconference
  • NH: The order on this page is a propsal
  • MS: Layout was near the end
  • MS: We were teaching accessible design
  • MS: As we were building the page it was naturally in the right order
  • Discussion of the order of the rule categories
  • JG: Does Structure category make sense?
  • MS: Pull in DOCTYPE to structure?
  • MS: Frames doesn’t make sense anywhere
  • NH: That makes sense to me
  • NH: I added color contrast to content and changed the name to “Content/Styles”
  • MS: In IITAA we have some requirements for font size and color
  • TO: Is font size applicable to mobile
  • TO: Font size has not been an issue since IE 6
  • MS: I am not sure, I have not done much testing in a while, zoom came out, IE does text size and zoom
  • MS: Zoom sometimes causes horizontal scrolling
  • NH: Try to scrape 'content’
  • MS: Removed abbreviations and acroymns
  • JG: Abbreviation rules would be looking for consistency
  • MR: Does color fit under styles?
  • MS: Yes I think that is best place
  • MR: There is a WCAG requirement for seizures
  • JG: People feel pretty good about structure, styles and images
  • JG: Data tables are different than structure
  • MS: Data tables are much different than structure
  • NH: We originally had just 'links’, it has been changed to 'links/navigation’
  • MS: I think that could work, we can put in consistent navigation and multiple ways
  • We talked about “Site Navigation” since somethings are within a site