(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. Update OAA Evaluation Library and OAA Cache Inspector Toolbar:

3. Rule Categories


1. Update OAA Evaluation Library and OAA Cache Inspector Toolbar:

2. Rule Categories

  • HR: I don’t think acronyms should be here
  • MS: Just “Lists” instead of “Use of lists”
  • MS: A simulation of a list using other elements rule
  • HR: it is important
  • NH: The first 5 things are clearly part of structure, the last item frames. Not so sure about language and abbr/acronym
  • MS: no WCAG requirements for abbr/acronym
  • NH: Maybe an other category
  • NH: Layout/Readability
  • MS: Take abbr/aconym off list
  • MR: I agree
  • HR: Moving to a temporary spot
  • NH: I think that is a good idea, move to TO DO list
  • HR: Frames are used in blackboard
  • JG: Inline frames will still be popular
  • MS: What are the rules about iframes?
  • JG: No rules
  • NH: There may be coding practices that we do not have rules for
  • MR: We could have frames use title=“main”
  • JG: Frames stays under structure
  • JG: Language part of structure?
  • NH: Created a “Other” category
  • NH: DOCTYPE to other

  • JG: Do those items work?
  • NH: Font size? should be font size
  • JG: This is where font size would be discussed
  • HR: What about CSS?

  • NH: What about decorative images??
  • MR: Developers will look under images

Data Tables
  • JG: This seems pretty complete
  • MR: Simple versus versus complex tables
  • HN: Naming versus describing tables

  • HR: I think these are two categories
  • HR: Skip to main content is a navigation
  • NH: Trying to balance having too many categories
  • MS: Navigation means many different things
  • MS: There is nothing definitive in HTML5 navigation
  • HR: Navigation is a child of structure
  • HR: List of links can also be used for content
  • JG: This section does not exclude use of links outside navigation
  • NH: There are links used for site and internal navigation
  • HR: Some types of navigation are widgets not links
  • HR: I suggest links are separate, I do not know what “list of Links” means
  • JG: There are a lot of widgets used for navigation, that would not fit here