(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. Updated OAA Cache Inspector
  • This version shows rule category and element type views we have been discussing in the calls
  • Please download and install to Firefox prior to the meeting today

2. Rule Categories

3. Rule Documentation


Meeting Time Discussion
  • JG: Do people think that meeting once a week is working for them
  • CD: yes
  • NH: Yes
  • MD: Yes, but this time is not good for me
  • TW: I would like to meet weekly
  • HR: We need to revise the purpose of the meeting
  • HR: If we are talking about a particular tool some people are not interested in some tools
  • HR: Targeted meeting
  • JG: Are you saying the agendas are not descriptive?
  • HR: No, I am interested in the agenda
  • JG: What would be different??
  • HR: Meeting about IITAA and we want to talk about specific accessibility issues, like rules
  • JG: There are topics you want to talk about at future
  • JG: Are there topics that people are not being discusses that they would like to talk about?
  • CD: There are not a lot of individual people doing web development, but I teach HTML workshops to accessibility, as a developer that has been petty good
  • NH: I think it is good to talk about what we are doing here. We were talking about IITAA and now we are talking about new rules and coding practices

OAA Cache Inspector
  • JG: Description of OAA Cache Inspector
  • JG: Encouraging
  • JG: Please try the tool this week on a web page to see how the UI works and if the rules make sense or have bugs
  • JG: Send any comment to the best practices list