(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. Updated OAA Cache Inspector Alpha 12

2. Rule Categories

3. Rule Documentation


1. Updated OAA Cache Inspector Alpha 12 This version shows rule category and element type views we have been discussing in the calls
  • http://code.google.com/p/oaa-accessibility-cache-inspector/downloads/detail?name=oaa-accessibility-cache-inspector-200-alpha-12.xpi&can=2&q====
  • Feedback on rules and or views of data
  • Do users understand the differences between views
  • Any rules that seem not to make sense or give unexpected results (bug)
  • MR: I think it had problems with form fields that are off screen, you think it reported no labels, not sure what website I tired it on
  • MR: Title must not be label: What does that mean?
  • JG: The preferred technique is aria-label
  • JG: Do people think it is a bad rule?
  • MS: It is a change from the past
  • JG: If someone uses title not for labeling but for tooltip
  • MR: These people are trying to be accessible
  • JG: There are two rule sets
  • JG: Do people think title attribute is a good technique?
  • MS: It is something that we recommend
  • MR: It works
  • MS: Form controls inside of tables is a common use of title
  • JG: What about using aria-labelledby?
  • MS: The question is when do we start recommend using aria?
  • MS: We have not made a shift to use aria techniques
  • MR: It is similar to using headers, it seems like work
  • MR: Using ID headers is a lot of work
  • MS: It eliminates having redundant
  • MS: What is assistive technology support for aria-labelledby and aria-label
  • JG: My test pages work with job
  • MS: It seems like aria-label can be used instead of title attribute
  • MS: WCAG 2.0 Transitional AAA rule
  • NR: I am clear on what the strict and transisional
  • JG: The aria-label is the way title attribute
  • JG: Is a title as a tooltip an acceptable label
  • MS: It can be, it is quality of the tooltip
  • JG: The rule can be a manual check
  • MR: We never really know if the quality of the label is good or not
  • MS: Same problem with alt text
  • JG: Is this rule useless??
  • MS: It makes sense since ARIA label is available.
  • JG: Why have both title and aria-label even it they say the same thing
  • MS: Sometimes it probably don’t need tooltip, they tend to be more wordy
  • HR: I think there are value to each technique
  • HR: Sometimes tooltip makes sense, sometimes a different
  • HR: To keep it
  • JG: Take it out of transitional and manual check in strict
  • JG: Can a tooltip be a valid label in strict?
  • MS: I think strict should require aria-label
  • JG: ARIA allows title as a last resort
  • MS: Maybe it should be a manual check
  • MS: The original question
  • MS: I have a question

2. Rule Categories

3. Rule Documentation
  • “http://www.openajax.org/member/wiki/Accessibility_WCAG_2.0_Validation_Rules /rule-categories”