(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. Updated Accessibility Extension 2.00 Alpha 16 avaliable:

2. Updated rule descriptions

3. Open Accessibility Alliance Proposal and CIC Expansion

4. Continued discussion of Ruleset 1.0 and triage Rule Ideas


Meeting Schedule
  • January 10th for the next meeting

1. Updated rule descriptions
  • http://www.openajax.org/member/wiki/Accessibility_WCAG_2.0_Validation_Rules#Links_to_OpenAjax_Rules_Grouped_By_WCAG_2.0_Principles
  • MS: Interested what happens when select box is overridden by role listbox
  • MS: Can LABEL element be used to label widgets
  • JG: Probably, but not part of ARIA specification
  • MS: I did some testing
  • MS: How labeling works may need to be extended
  • JG: Are you asking if widget can be labelled with LABEL element
  • HR: Add aria to the effective label calculation
  • JG: ARIA overrides native semantics
  • JG: Add a rules that warn people of overriding form control roles with the same widget role (i.e. input[type=checkbox role=“checkbox”]
  • MS: May need to warn people of overriding HTML labeling

2. Open Accessibility Alliance Proposal and CIC IT Accessibility Group

3. Continued discussion of Ruleset 1.0 and triage Rule
  • Ideas Some thoughts on Ruleset 1.0 and Triage rules by Nick Hoyt: https://trac.ainspector.org/design/wiki/notes/2012-12-03-oaa
  • NH: The page mostly outlining the goals
  • NH: I added questions about how to define this ruleset
    • Is the number of rules need to be limited?
    • Mix of manual checks to automated checks?
    • Are there rule sets that are more basic and more advanced
  • NH: FAE is based on IITAA requirements
  • NH: People familiar with FAE going to be overwhelmed with lots of new rules
  • NH: We probably do not want too many rules and manual checks
  • NH: FAE has 42 rules, so if we have 100 rules
  • HR: As a whole?
  • HR: many rules do not apply will be n/a
  • JG: We have 58 rules now and probably about 100-120 in the 1.0 ruleset
  • HR: There are complicated
  • HR: It is hard for me to follow all these rules that are in the rule set
  • NH: There needs to be a vetting process for determined what rules are in a ruleset