(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


Firebug A11y Accessibility Extension Nomination

Conformance Logo Update

Form Best Practices


  • Jon Gunderson, UIUC
  • Jonathan Hsieh, UIUC
  • Mike Scott, DHS
  • Melissa Romanotto, DHS
  • Kevin Price, UIC
  • Scott Rohde, OJC
  • Prasanna Bale, UIUC
  • Hadi Rangin, UIUC
  • Tim Boland, NIST
  • Jim Wilson, UIUC

Firebug A11y Accessibility Extension Nomination
  • http://matc.mellon.org/nominate/university-of-illinois-at-urbana-champaign/a11y-firebug-accessibility-extension
  • Please add a short 2-3 sentence testimonial to support the extension proposal

Conformance Logo Update
  • http://www.dhs.state.il.us/iitaa/certification/
  • Universities can participate in the program
  • Going to state web masters group next week
  • No cost, but there is application process organizations must complete
  • It will be a great place for developers to go and get design examples
  • There will be date information as a part of the certification

Multimedia IITAA Requirements
  • Does a statement requesting Multimedia transcription satisfy IITAA requirements for streaming media?
  • 2 questions
    • Does a transcription suffice?
    • Does a request mechanism suffice?
  • We worked with deaf advocates on the requirements
  • How is this media being provided, is it going out to everyone, is it to a limited audience, like a class?
  • The term essential is based on the sound being meaningful or the video is a talking head
  • The “request” mechanism does not meet the letter of the law, but it would be classified as a good faith measure
  • The transcript could also be considered a good faith measure, if synchronized captions could not be made

Form Best Practices
  • http://html.cita.illinois.edu/nav/form/form-rules.php

Form Instructions
  • (1) Avoid placing non-focusable text between form fields
  • (3) Use a technique using an A element with TABINDEX=0
  • Auto forms mode in Jaws is new, other screen readers don’t support
  • The A element solution is a little hacky, people don’t like the technique
  • (2) Off screen instructions in the label would also work
  • Hadi doesn’t like off screen approach, to much work for web developers
  • Suggestion to not have any recommendations, new AT will fix the problem
  • Main concern is people who are novice users who are not as skilled or are not using Jaws 10 with auto forms mode
  • Problem seems to be getting smaller as AT gets smarter
  • Instructions after the form control is still a problem
  • We need to maybe have to have something for this situation
  • ARIA-DESCRIBEDBY attribute, anyone ready?
  • JAWS 9 version supports multiple labels, but not other screen readers
  • Nested legends do not seem to work in Jaws 9, but does in Jaws 10, the closest parent
  • Best practice is one label per control and one legend group, and don’t nest fieldsets

Use of headers in dense labels
  • Use hidden label with question as a part of the first question
  • You could repeat the question on each of the question, but it could be put at the end
  • The screen reader would not read the question if the question was not part of every control
  • Complex forms like surveys need headings
  • What is the purpose of the headings?
  • Most users don’t go back to previous questions
  • Have you worked with survey builder?
  • If you had a heading for contact that is fine
  • In some training people learn to go through the whole form
  • Concerns heading loses its meaning and function
  • Will continue discussion next week