(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


Review Open Action items
  • Create example of event calendar page
  • Update form examples to improve summary description of the table
  • Send link to data table example that should fail
  • Check on data table examples

Updated Data Table rules

Update on Calendar Best Practices
  • Review example calendar markup

Meeting Schedule
  • Day and time still good?
  • Telephone bridge, is dial into long distance number a hardship?
  • Meeting schedule the rest of the summer?


Discussion of A link and onClick event
  • The page in question now includes a HREF attribute
  • Mike Scott will look for test page

Review Open Action items

Complex table discussion
  • We do not have a concept of parts of a table being simple and others parts complex
  • One of the examples the last row doesn’t need a headers attribute
  • We could not make a rule to test for this condition

Updated Data Table rules

Data Table Examples
  • Remove unique IDs from simple table
  • Some examples are broken
  • Each TD element in complex data table must have a headers attribute that points to at least one header attribute

Calendar Examples
  • Robert is on vacation, he wants to add more features

Meeting Schedule
  • Meeting schedule issues
  • Suggestion for meeting later in the day
  • Suggestion from 3-4pm on Wednesdays
  • We can use the DHS, we need to coordinate on schedule
  • Next meeting August 26th

  • New screen reader and AT in next version of OS