(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


Review Open Action Items
  • Create example of event calendar page
  • Update form examples to improve summary description of the table
  • Send link to data table example that should fail
  • Check on data table examples

Review Update Best Practices Website

New Issues


  • Tim Offenstein
  • Christy Blew

Open Action Items
  • Robert sent a link to example calendat
  • Jon still needs to check on data table examples

Problems with Prototype
  • Textile not being used for markup
  • In menu the title is misspelled
  • Problems using curveycorners with IE ( 3 error messages)
  • Some of the menu are not being rendered like in specifications
  • Font problems for “iCITA: Web Accessibility Best practices”
  • Show and hide menu (frame)
  • Problem with show hide not being updated dynamically
  • Selected page should not be a link
  • Dynamic menu should close all other menus when a new one is opened
  • Background color of black shows on some of the pages

Next meeting calendar
  • Calendar prototype from Robert Slater

Other issues for future meetings
  • Looking into Voice Over screen reader for mac compatibility
  • Mobile web apps that are mobile technology specific
  • Header rules issues
  • Intrafinity is being tested on campus
  • Warning related to navigation menu and nested lists (heading)
  • Questions between mapping between best practices and IITAA