(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


Open Action item
  • Check on data table examples
  • Send nested list navigation bar example to the list

Recap of Web Accessibility Conference

Calendar Example

Header Rules
  • Some feedback about header nesting

Warning related to navigation menu and nested lists (heading)
  • May be related to Header Rules


  • Tim Offenstien

Open Action item

Recap of Web Accessibility Conference
  • Some people wanted to be in multiple tracks, record sessions
  • There is a group at CITES that recorded and streamed for the web master forum
  • A web professional minute of victor, some of the points were made
  • Education track next year
  • Mostly developers, see how the details of the toolkits
  • Try to keep the costs down
  • The reception may not be needed

Calendar Example
  • Wait for Robert to come back

Navigation Bar Rules
  • Basic heading rules have been sent to hadi
  • Concern FAE rules related to heading rules for navigation, that may or may not be applicable, what about navigation in a footer
  • Recommend that headers for navigation be checked in the document
  • We should move to ARIA markup for navigation bars
  • The current use of headings only for navigation is confusing
  • ARIA brings in some new capabilities
  • The initial rule was implemented for all list of links on the page, this was problematic for some pages that used list of links in the body and didn’t want to put in headers
  • We then limited to common places where navigation links could be found
  • When we go to a complicated application like Blackboard, they are working with them to use headings, but it is still difficult to separate navigation landmarks from header navigation
  • JG can draft some new rules and examples for example

Warning related to navigation menu and nested lists (heading)
  • May be related to Header Rules
  • Wait the developer to join the list

Testing of SoftChalk
  • Wondering if there was any testing with softchalk?
  • They produce xhtml compatible documents
  • CD will report on accessibility
  • MD reports that the XHTML may not be good, lots of frames
  • Lets try to create a working group on SoftChalk on accessibility