(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


Calendar Example

Data Table Header Rules
  • Followup on last weeks discussion

Warning related to navigation menu and nested lists (heading)
  • Firefox rules will be updated

Other Issues


  • Jami McCoy
  • Prasanna Bale

Calendar of Events
  • Not clear the context of this calendar
  • The context of the meeting
  • Public events calendar
  • Discussed with Hadi about personal calendar
  • This is an idealized calendar
  • Wanted to include conflict information
  • Maybe need to indicate concurrent events
  • There are micro formats that include calendar
  • They have microformats.org has
  • Microformats require people to use a particular format
  • May want to look at microformats for developing examples
  • Review of the accessibility features
    • Started with a month view
    • Skip to content that is relevant
    • Jump to date and jump to date with events
    • Conflict or concurrent events are listed in a list under the headers
    • Table of events
  • State Calendars (Mike Scott)
    • Most developers don’t think about accessibility
    • Most want to use tables
    • Multiple events per day became unusable visually due to clipping of content to fit in date box
    • We went to a filtering system
  • RS: We wanted to look at the markup for a month view and test it with screen reader users
  • HR: I wanted to focus on customization of calendars
  • RS: Want something that is more usable by everybody
  • MS: That would be very neat, but it is alot of work
  • JG: Does OneNet have a calendaring system?
  • MS: We use a sidebar list with a month or day filter
  • HR and RS will come back next week and document the accessibility features and solution strategies and will start using the microformat

Data Table from last week
  • 2 issues
    • The quote that Tim found was taken out of context
    • Do we need to explictly need TH for each row header?
  • We say in IITAA standards that both row and column headers need to be marked up, inline with Section 508 requirements
  • We found it to be a good way for developers to understand their table markup
  • Most of the time it is the first column, but sometimes it is a different column
  • MS sent some example as attachments that show where this is needed
  • HR: I need some explaination of the 3rd table
  • MS: The 3rd table has three columns
  • HR: What is phone for
  • MS: What is the preferred method of contact
  • MS: It is confusing due to the absence of a row header
  • MS: The issue is that any of the data cells, is phone for phone, is the e-mail for phone, that is not right, the table visually makes sense, but not from header markup
  • MS: In example #2 is the after, an additonal column has been added so the persons name is part of the relationships
  • MS: I think what Tim was talking about, seems it redudant it forces developers to look to make sure the data header relationship make sense
  • RS: This seems to make sense to all users by giving all users better information
  • MS: The developers didn’t fight it to much, but the exercise helps them to check
  • HR: Tim was concerned about small tables, 2×2 and 2×3
  • MS: The main question for Tim is why not?
  • HR: THEAD and TBDOY important?
  • MS: We use them for styling content
  • NH: THEAD is suppose to print with headers on each page

Menu Testing Issues
  • We are working to make the changes in the Firefox Accessibility extensions

Other Issues
  • Complex data table question for MS
  • We try to do less is more and really determine if we need the information
  • I might use the hidden text approach
  • It might be that your server side code generates it correctly, I wouldn’t want to do it by hand