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Teleconference details


DHTML Testing Feature for FAE using DHTMLGET utility
  • Executes inline SCRIPT and onload event handlers
  • Performance differences
  • HTML repair in DHTMLGET
  • Discussion of the importance for accessibility evaluation

Navigation Bar Rules
  • Nested list rules for headings
  • Use of ARIA role=navigation and other landmark roles

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Calendar Example
  • Month View of an Events Calendar with CSS off-screen positioning "http://www.library.illinois.edu/systems/rslater/cal/month.html":http://www.library.illinois.edu/systems/rslater/cal/month.html
  • Month view of an Events Calendar without CSS off-screen positioning "http://www.library.illinois.edu/systems/rslater/cal/month2.html":http://www.library.illinois.edu/systems/rslater/cal/month2.html


Announcements *No teleconference next week

DHTML Testing Feature for FAE using DHTMLGET utility
  • NH: This gest pages and runs onload and inline script elements that may be generating content
  • NH: Page is closer to what the browser renders
  • NH: It has been implemented on the fae test site, there is a new checkbox to include DHTML content on the page
  • TO: Where is the checkbox
  • NH: The test site is http://faetest.dres.illinois.edu
  • HR: Are the tests similar
  • PB: There are similar resources
  • HR: Is is the same as FF extension DHTML report
  • NH: When you check the box in FAE is just onload and script, if other content is loaded then it will not be added
  • JG: The other difference in FF is that image size is not checked
  • HR: It may not be clear to user
  • JR: There are performance differences, DHTML version takes 2-6 times longer to analyze
  • HR: I was listening to WAVE and they use FF rendering
  • JG: Repairing HTML is another difference
  • HR: Does the repair close to what Assistive Technology does?
  • NH: The FAE is pretty strict, is not making as good of guesses for mistakes
  • NH: DHTMLGET will probably be closer to what a real browser will do than WGET, this maybe good or bad
  • JG: I think the DHTMLGET is going to be better than our parser
  • JG: TO what do you see the advantages and disadvanages
  • TO: Can you test multiple pages?
  • NH: Yes, I have enabled registration
  • NH: If the checkbox is checked then DHTMLGET will be used instead of WGET
  • NH: We want people to doing testing on multiple pages
  • TO: It seems like a good step, especially with content management system
  • JG: Can you do some testing
  • MR: We will try to do some testing
  • JG: We really want to get your buy in to this feature for the state certifications
  • NH: There is a bit more work, I will add in the information to the report header
  • NH: The archive reports list will give you that information now

Navigation Bar Rules
  • NH: It based on looking at LI element children
  • ACTION: Update the FAE rules to include nested list with optional header
  • NH: Look at the FAE rules
  • TO: I am happy
  • MR: You are happy with the way FAE does it
  • TO: FAE passes nested lists without headers in the nest
  • HR: Menus hidden on the screen and often not hidden from screen readers, look at AA.com
  • JG: ARIA Landmark roles
  • TO: I am concerns about people using older screen readers
  • NH: I think there are some choices here, and look at ARIA support
  • NH: It may not be either/or
  • TO: I think that is good
  • HR: I think there should be a transition
  • HR: We cannot throw out all the old rules
  • HR: Websites need the latest assistive technology
  • HR: There are some people who will be several years behind, I am more for looking forward
  • TO: Do older assitive technologies ignore ARIA?
  • JG: I think we should limit this to landmark roles
  • NH: Can assistive technologies use ARIA interactive
  • JG: Landmark roles do not add any functionality on the web page, they are basically for ATs
  • JG: One idea would be to have a modified rule that would allow a heading or a role navigation
  • TO: What about validation?
  • JG: HTML5 experimental does validate
  • JG: If you are using landmarks you need to use HTML 5
  • JG: If we have an either/or rule you have to use HTML 5 if you use
  • NH: We may want to use + for new techniques
  • JG: There are other tricks like use of scripting to add landmark roles
  • TO: Send me information about using JAWS on campus
  • NH: This is a new way of thinking about headers
  • HR: I am very excited about how headings maybe used
  • MR: I think we will not be telling people to use headings

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