(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


DHTML Testing Feature for FAE using DHTMLGET utility
  • Discussion of any issues that come up during testing FAE
  • Discussion of plan to include DHTMLGET in production version

Styling Rules
  • They currently fail, at least move to warning

Navigation Bar Rules
  • Nested list rules for headings
  • Use of ARIA role=navigation and other landmark roles

New Best Practices Website

Calendar Example


DHTML Testing Feature for FAE using DHTMLGET utility
  • Tim and Mike will be do more testing
  • DHTMLGET different than FF DHTML Report
  • They should be the same if there is no interaction with the page
  • Mostly using the toolbar to test web applications
  • Questions about interaction design in terms of interaction
  • The value versus performance hit
  • How users perceive it?
  • Another question that is perplexing, how to know that the content is actually being added
  • I think this is a step is in the right direction
  • We see alot of websites with RSS and news feeds
  • Would this replace or would there be a choice
  • I vote for just one, it can test more than wget, even if it is not everything
  • I think it should be the default, there maybe some cases where it might be useful
  • Could we put the case why this is important, like the RSS feed
  • We want to have reasons why this new feature is better
  • I know that we run into this on the illinois.gov web page, we can check to see if they are still there
  • Prasanna has seen alot more images
  • What is a lightbox?
  • Embedded images that automatically cycle through images
  • HR reports that these problems are causing more problems with page reading
  • We need to do more testing and then have use cases
  • We can test commercial website ok?
  • Yes

Styling Rules
  • They currently fail, at least move to warning
  • MS: Example of using B inside headers
  • MS: suggests that we change the rules in text styling Pass/Warn
  • TO: agrees
  • MS: There seems to be 5 of them
  • MS: I would not include blink and marquee
  • MS: Any strong feelings
  • NH: What are we giving up, especailly if they are not inside of headers
  • MS: If there are legitimate examples where it is OK, then maybe
  • HR: Would the messages change?
  • MS: The messages are fine, just change Fail to Warn
  • NH: I can see warning for CENTER, but from a best practice perspective the B instead a Hx
  • MS: I see Fail absolute accessibility problem and warn as a fixable potential problem
  • HR: Is there a problem with center for accessibility?
  • MS: Sometimes it is used to create a heading, it is the omissom of the proper markup
  • MS: Is there consensus?
  • HR: Agree
  • TO: What is the elements
  • MS: B, I, CENTER, U, FONT move to warning
  • HR: When is underline used?
  • People see it alot
  • TO: Import word documents
  • MS: We sound like we agree that they change from Fail to Warn
  • NH: Can we wait a week and put it on the list to see if there are any more comments
  • MS: We are ramping the IITAA
  • MS: Will send out on the list
  • JG: It seems reasonable to me, the reason they were fail to push people to use CSS
  • CD: Where are the rules

Navigation Bar Rules
  • Use of ARIA role=navigation and other landmark roles
  • MS: I think it makes sense to start the transition
  • MS: MR brought me up to speed on previous discussions
  • MS: Supporting latest 2 ATs
  • JG: WE is not planning on ARIA support until 8.0
  • HR: What about Opera, header implementation
  • MS: I have not heard
  • JG: Discussion of HTML5/A11y
  • NH: What type of rules?
  • HR: JZG and I did some test pages
  • MS: We need to support what we currently have
  • MS: It might be tricky to check
  • MS: It will be insteresting to see how it works for XHTML
  • MS: We need some test pages and also test how FAE can interact
  • MS: To do list developing test pages
  • NH: I am stll having problem with rules
  • MS: We might need to have two separate rules
  • NH: Maybe we need to think about checks
  • MS: Might be OK as a warning