(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


Styling Rules
  • Review proposal to move U, B, I, CENTER and FONT to Warning instead of Fail

What should FAE and the Firefox Extension report when H1 contains images with ALT text?
  • Should H1 be considered empty?
  • Should we have a warning about using images in H1?

New Best Practices Website

Navigation Bar Rules
  • Nested list rules for headings
  • Use of ARIA role=navigation and other landmark roles


Styling Rules
  • MS: B, I, CENTER, U and FONT would change to warning
  • MS: There seemed to be agreement on these, someone brought up FONT
  • HR: I think CENTER should be fail
  • MS: We have an old school school issue of CENTER
  • HR: If it is a heading then it would be OK
  • MS: In our example the whole page is in a CENTER element
  • Discussion of CENTER and headings on a page
  • MS: We tried to play with the OneNet editor to figure out what a header is, it is hard to write rules on hueristics
  • HR: I am ok with it, even though it is not perfect
  • MS: It is hard to have a perfect rule on deprecated markup
  • MS: We want to use FAE for the certification process
  • MS: So we need to make sure that the problems are really problems, and not just potential problems
  • MS: State web masters round table, shared with them FAE and encouraged them to sign up
  • JG: Any objections to the change to warning?
  • Group: No objections
  • TO: I think this is a good move
  • MS: We will encourage people to address the warnings
  • JG: NH is this something that could be done in the next week?
  • NH: It will invalidate current reports
  • MS: Is there a way to delete reports?
  • NH: There is an indirect way

FAE Certification Issues spidering issues
  • MS: Some pages are being spidered that we don’t want spidered
  • JG: We already have a multiple URL list
  • MS: A future feature maybe a exclusion list of URLs
  • MS: One of 220 page was not under control of a department
  • NH: I like the idea, the downside, if you what to hide something that is way to do it
  • NH: There is a limit on the amount that can be tested, so there is a limit to the numbr of page that can be run
  • MS: Can reruns of the same URL cause different pages to be analyzed
  • NH: Shouldn’t be any difference, but there will probably be differences using DHTMGET

What should FAE and the Firefox Extension report when H1 contains images with ALT text?
  • TO: The web site uses IMG elements as the only content of an H1 element
  • TO: Two issues: H1 must have content; The ALT text
  • TO: Why does FAE pass the H1 content passing
  • TO: Firefox Extension finds the ALT text content
  • NH: FAE and Firefox Extension agree, Firefox Extension shows you the H1 content
  • TO: ALT text can’t be the same a content
  • MS: Pages in high contrast will not be readible
  • MS: The new trending technique is an image replacement, is using text in the H1 and then use background images
  • MS: People used display: none to hide the text, when positioned off screen it is still off screen in high contrast mode
  • MS: If we were to tell a designer, the image replacement technique is actually worse
  • MS: I will send the image replacement link test
  • MS: We did see one technique that seemed to work
  • JG: What if we changed the message
  • NH: What I am seeing is a change in the meaning of text content for H1
  • NH: What does text content mean? Text nodes within a node?
  • JG: We do not want to encourage people to use images in header
  • NH: We have more information about text content
  • TO: There seems to be some differences in the depth
  • JG: TO can you send the URL to the reports and
  • NH: We have similar rules for sub headings