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  2. Adobe PDF resources
  3. New Best Practices Website
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Hadi Questions
  • HR: TITLE Attribute with links and graphical links
  • HR: People repeat the link text in the title text
  • HR: Is this something we should discourage
  • JR: Do you want to make this a rule
  • HR: I just wanted to know if this is useful to anyone?
  • RS: I have not seen people use this, some people like the tooltip for additional information
  • HR: Application developers use the title attribute to indicate a link opens in a new window
  • JG: How should title attribute be used for link?
  • MS: From a functional standpoint we should use it
  • MS: We have recommended for controlled internal applications, then the screen reader could be configured
  • MS: Most of the time in the public the title information will not be find by screen readers, the one exception is the image link, but this is ALT text, but sometimes they want the tooltip so they use the title
  • HR: Does it harm visual users
  • MS: We have used it is a shopping cart applications to get more information you should use hidden text, rather than title attribute
  • JS: For people using screen readers need hidden text, but a tooltip for …
  • RS: I have a CSS technique I will send to the list
  • MS: Keyboard users also do not have access to tooltips based on title
  • RS: I will add that to my list
  • JG: It is not always an accessible tooltip
  • MS: There are two situations, one is tooltip and one is just making accessible links
ACTION: More information examples for contextual links that does not use the title attribute ACTION: RS will send an example
  • HR: graphical links the title generates a tooltip
  • HR: What about a graphical link followed by a text link?
  • HR: Should the title attribute be used?
  • RS: You say there the link with an image and text?
  • HR: Sometimes it is two links one image and one text
  • MS: You need to move them into a single link and the alt would be null
  • MS: Maybe RS technique for tooltip could be used here
  • MS: In the example on the best practices the link source url will be read
  • JG: You are saying that we would need to make the image an onclick evant and get rid of the anchor on the image
ACTION: Fix the problem with the “Ambiguous Text Link”
  • MS: Try using the float again
  • MR: People click on the header pretty readily
  • RS: We have gotten away from link underlining
  • RS: When heading are links on mixed pages people don’t think of the headings as links
  • TO: Important to use underlining
  • MS: In blogs they use “
  • TO: Is your CSS technique backward compatible?
  • RS: Some of the stuff is CSS3, but some of it is decorative, the functional part are CSS2
  • HR: Navigation landmark + heading
  • HR: For consistency should landmark before or after heading?
  • HR: I sent some code using aria-labelledby to identify the navigation bar in pages that have more than one
  • HR: How can we ask people to rewrite the pages
  • HR: What should happen to the H2 when navigation is required?
  • JG: The H2 can be changed to DIV a element
  • HR: Is there an inline way
  • JG: There is aria-label
  • HR: What about using ARIA-LABEL instead of ARIA-LAEBLLEDBY?
  • JG: Since there is ARIA-LABEL is not supported it is basically removing ARIA-LABELLEDBY requirement?
  • RS: I like the less code
  • NH: If you label something as navigation the heading is not part of the navigation
  • MS: We have not been using it in practice, the DIV is there usually, but conceptually the DIV containing the navigation, I am not sure what the practical implementation, I use DIV to contain the navigation.
  • MS: The HTML5 approach will have the NAV element, the NAV element
  • JG: I have not heard a diffinitive resolution

New version of FAETEST
  • It has the updated text styling rules
  • The use the DHTML is not documented in the report interface

ACTION: Group review new version of FAETEST
ACTION: Group review RS exampel for tooltips