(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. Open Action Items
  • Check on data table examples
  • Best practices for using CSS for layout
  • Add rule and examples for navigation and main roles, extra credit rules
  • Check on DTD for ARIA in HTML 4 and XHTML
  • JAWS data table detection algorithm from JAWS
  • Update link example “ambigious link text”
  • Accessible Tooltip Example

2. Testing FAE
  • We need people to do testing of new DHTML get version of FAE
    1. Large websites
    2. Pages with dynamic content generated when the page is loaded
  • URL: http://faetest.dres.illinois.edu

3. Accessibility of Complex DHTML Search

4. Adobe PDF Accessibility resources
  • Define resources for Adobe DF accessibility

5. New Best Practices Website
  • "http://webacc-dev.cita.illinois.edu":http://webacc-dev.cita.illinois.edu

6. Other issues


2. FAE Testing with DHTML Feature
  • NH: The user interface of FAE now has a option to check DHTML content
  • NH: Reports now reflects the use of DHTML content
  • NH: Rules have been updated for text styling to warning
  • JG: We have new features in the user interface and an updated version of DHTMLGET
  • JG: Any questions or comments
  • JG: Pushing it out in two weeks if we don’t find any problems
  • JG: Scott and Jason can you do some testing
  • SL: I will have some of the developers check our new templates

3. Accessibility of Complex DHTML Search
  • http://engage.illinois.edu/browse.php?tagType=Keywords
  • HR: Keyboard support to the alphabetic links
  • HR: He was contemplating using a grid
  • MS: MR and I discussed, you have 26 links and the 26 tab stops
  • MS: Take them out of the tab order and put them into a slect box
  • MS: The select box could be hidden
  • JG: We want all keyboard users to have access
  • JG: I am not sure GRID would be the correct role
  • MS: It could be a custom control with additional keyboard support
  • JG: If it is a list then it would be a listbox, if it is two dimensional it would be a grid
  • HR: Does JQUEY support the keyboard
  • JG: Some of the JQuery UI widgets support the keyboard some do not
  • JG: Some people at the university of toronto are working to add keyboard support to JQUERY and ARIA
  • MS: We were trying FAETEST on dhs.state.il.us and getting a form control failure
  • MS: One of the text boxes does have a hidden table
  • MS: The two last buttons are written with script

H3. 4. Adobe PDF Accessibility

Adobe Accessibility List or How To
  1. PDF has to have content (different than tagging)
    • There are three laters: Visual rendering, content which is the text or OCR and then the third layer is the tags like HTML/XML
  2. We need to have tags
  3. Tags must represent structure
    1. Figures with alt text
    2. Headings
    3. List
    4. Tables with headings
    5. Tooltips for form fields
  4. Reading order must make sense
  5. Three layers need to be synchronized
  6. Adding the video is very complex

RS: we may want a precheck on whether you should even be using PDF
MS: The best success in that is that you need to make it accessible
RS: Right
CD: Just have someone take a PDF into a word document
JG: How do we test for this stuff
MS: The document I sent has some of that stuff in it
MS: Use the Acobat save to accessible text, you can use it to make sure that the content is there and it is in the correct order
MS: For forms make sure tabs in the right order and hover over the form controls to check the tooltips
MS: Otherwise you need Acrobat Pro to view the tag tree
MS: A lot of times people dealing with the PDF don’t have the original document
JG: I will try to get something on the best practices website
CD: Reflow and resize features
MS: We have alot of problems with high contrast, they appear to be broken
MS: Acrobat says you cannot reflow documents with interactive elements, but we also have problems with documents that have images
JG: I am interested to see what Adobe has at CSUN
CD: They do have the rad outloud feature
MS: read outloud has the same information as save as accessible text, what content is there and what order is it in

JG: I have been updating the website
TO: I am creating a blog on using tables for layout, I will send to the list to get your feedback
CD: I was interested different grid layouts for multiple column layouts and if they are best practices
JG: Please send the links to the list