(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. YouTube Automatic Captioning

2. Adobe PDF Accessibility resources

3. Other issues


YouTube Automatic Captioning
  • CD: It does work, but it is not 100%, you need good audio
  • TO: I am not familiar with it
  • CD: It is available on some videos and not others
  • CD: There is a CC button under some windows and then you can use to transcribe audio, it is pretty quick, better than no captions
  • CD: I am trying to figure out how to get what they generate
  • JG: SRT file it generates?
  • Does it embed the text in the video or a separate box?
  • CD: Separate box
  • JG: Probably developed for indexing video key words
  • CD: Uses google voice
  • Google voice can be used to translate voice messages to text messages

Other issues
  • MM: A few weeks ago jump list, i was not there for the meeting
  • http://engage.illinois.edu/browse.php?tagType=Keywords
  • JG: May want to add information in the form label about the number of key words
  • MR: Add the results information to the link
  • MR: It was also suggestion to add a list box
  • JG: There is a listbox role in ARIA
  • ARIA references for a listbox:
    • http://www.w3.org/TR/wai-aria/complete#listbox
    • http://dev.aol.com/dhtml_style_guide#listbox

Adobe PDF Accessibility resources
  • CB: I sent some information
  • MR: We have problems when reflow is used
  • CD: It is just a setting
  • CD: There are beefits to supporting reflow
  • MR: Bad things include: Figures
  • JG: What kind of figures
  • CD: Some documents with images do reflow, but it does seem to be a problem
  • KW: I have not used reflow
  • MR: It is under reflow
  • NH: Mac Preview does not have reflow
  • CD: Adobe Reader for the Mac does have the zoom feature
  • JG: Some types of figures do allow reflow, we just don’t
  • JG: CD have you made some stuff that does reflow
  • CD: It may be that the images do not show up
  • MR: We would see something different, the reflow option would not be available
  • NH: There is an O’Reilly article, a Tagged PDF can reflow
  • MR: We are only creating tagged PDF
  • JG: Maybe there is some tag property
  • MR: We could not find it?
  • ZP: What were you using?
  • MR: Office
  • ZP: Maybe open office
  • JG: Can CD send a document with a figure that does, and MR can you
  • NH: There is an app for the iPhone that does reflow Adobe PDF files
  • JG: The biggest issue is authoring
  • MR: Reflow is most important for checking reading order
  • JG: No horizontal reflow is good for people with low vision
  • JG: MR how would you text
  • JG: Is it alright for text to be represented in something other than a glyph?
  • CD: Adobe inDesign allows you to bring in structure, I think it is alright to have text not be glyphs
  • NH: This seems to be getting into tools
  • NH: If you are using Acrobat then you probably
  • JG: The goal here is to understand what should be in an accessible document, we don’t need to tie everything to a tool
  • NH: PDF is a vector graphic language
  • NH: What is accessed by a screen reader, vector based and bitmapped
  • NH: The point is to use text
  • MR: What about a logo?
  • JG: Should be a glyph unless it is a logo or figure
  • NH: There is a code that can change the size of the image, so when you have a bit map image they can not scale, vector images can zoom smoothly
  • JG: We really trying to define the best practice
  • ZP: I think we want to use glyphs for text