(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. YouTube Automatic Captioning (Robert Slater??)
  • "YouTube automatic captioning and synchronization video overview":http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTvHIDKLFqc

2. Other issues non-PDF issues

3. Adobe PDF Accessibility resources


YouTube Captioning Service
  • RS: How good is the free captioning
  • HR: There are quality control issues
  • MS: Even in Google own promotion they indicate that it makes mistakes
  • MS: Does not meet the IITAA standards
  • MS: May trick automated testing tools
  • MS: There is not threshold of accuracy, we assume 100%
  • MS: You can give it a text transcript and it will sync the caption text with the audio
  • MS: This service is probably good enough
  • HR: You can also edit the automatic text and resend it
  • JG: Google is doing this for text searching
  • MS: It is due to the limitations of current speech recognition technology, speaker independence is difficult
  • RS: I have test the latest Dragon and it still has problems
  • HR: Accents are a big problem

Other Issues
  • HR: Mike and I did some testing yesterday
  • MM: IE has a bug and a feature with screen readers, if you put role navigation on a list it is no longer a list
  • JG: This may be due to the role mapping
  • HR: The Firefox it seems to do it correctly
  • HR: Firefox sees it as a list, in IE it sees the items, but not as a list
  • JG: It would be interesting to see what the inspector
  • MS: You might want to report the problem to Freedom Scientific
  • JG: I would report it to Freedom Scientific
  • HR: NVDA and Jaws behave similar, WindowEyes is different
  • HR: MM have you created some sample pages
  • MM: I can create one, and send it to the list

Heading Elements
  • HR: An image itself alt tag cannot be the only content, is that right
  • JG: The content cannot be styled
  • HR: Is there a work around solution
  • MS: That is just a warning in FAE
  • MS: It does impact some people with disabilities
  • JG: You could use images to put an image over the top of the text
  • MS: Image replacement techniques often have significant accessibility problems
  • JG: Could you send the link
  • MM: I will send the link to the list
  • JG: I will put it on the agenda for next week

Firefox Plug-in
  • JG: will update firefox extension to NOT include beta rule set

  • MS: The example files are related to reflow
  • HR: Could you describe to me the reflow issues
  • MS: There are problems where Adobe cannot reflow:
    • Interactive annotations in forms (Example 1)
    • Images across the top of the document (Example 2)
    • Interactive annotations are removed (Example 3)
  • MS: Some images can reflow (office 2003)
  • MS: Images in the document and images inserted in Word 2007
  • MS: We tried changing the tagging through trial and error
  • HR: Example 2 and 3 I cannot access the form fields
  • MS: The forms have been removed from examples 2 and 3
  • MS: In example 3 the reflow has not been removed
  • JG: Are there any rules we can have for reflow
  • MS: PDF forms are never going to reflow, reflow at best can only be applied to documents that do not have forms
  • NH: Adobe Acrobat reader is only on PC, there is a different tool on the Mac and PDA also have reflow
  • HR: Do they use the Acrobat engine
  • MS: No there are many technologies to render PDFs
  • MS: We have been making the assumption that Adobe Acrobat reader is the reference viewer
  • NH: Most people on mac do not use Adobe Acrobat reader
  • MS: Discussion of tools used to render PDF
  • NH: We just need to be explicit about what tools we are concerned with