(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. UIC Digital Expo on Monday

2. Image as H1 content

3. Image link rule issue with FF Extension

4. Other non-PDF issues

5. Adobe PDF Accessibility resources
  • Define resources for Adobe DF accessibility
  • Draft: "http://webacc-dev.cita.illinois.edu/design/pdf/":http://webacc-dev.cita.illinois.edu/design/pdf/


UIC Digital Expo on Monday
  • http://tigger.cc.uic.edu/depts/oaa/disability_resources/dae2010/

Image as H1 content
  • http://engage.illinois.edu/newdesign.php?page=mainpage
  • NH: Seems like it would work
  • MS: I think you could image could be part of the H1
  • MS: I am concerned about the high contrast solution
  • TO: Are we primarily concerned about the low vision user?
  • MS: This is clearly a low vision user
  • MS: High contrast mode in the high contrast and the browser zoom feature
  • MS: This image is already pretty large, what happens when you go to high contrast
  • MS: This image has is transparent background which will be a low contrast with a black background
  • MS: I agree that this is a warning, not a fail and I agree with that
  • MS: It would be better if the image has a non-transparent image
  • MS: It is a specific situation problem
  • TO: That was good
  • MS: Michael option to go pass the problem
  • MS: Use an image replacement
  • MS: If the Welcome could just removed from the title would be simpler
  • CD: it makes sense
  • TO: It makes sense
  • ACTION MS: Send the suggestion to the list
  • JG: Welcome could be left in the TITLE element

Image link rule issue with FF Extension
  • Test page: http://webacc-dev.cita.illinois.edu/test/7/

Other non-PDF issues
  • NH: I am working on a new rule
  • NH: This is in the form control label section
  • NH: reads the proposal….
  • NH: This is a rule about unique ID element, the rule before is about using the label reference
  • MS: Could just say unique?
  • NH: It is not required, but if it is there it must be unique
  • CD: IDs must always be unique
  • MS: You could boil it down a ID must be unique
  • MS: We limit it here because of forms
  • NH: We felt in a previous discussion that ID rule should be specific to form controls and one for data tables
  • CB: Could you send it to the list?
  • NH: Sure
  • JG: People can comment on the list

Adobe PDF Accessibility resources

Reflow Rules
  • MS: I sent some file examples
  • MS: We know reflow is not suppose to work with forms
  • MS: It seems like images also effect reflow
  • MS: It seems to be related to Word 2007
  • CB: I was updating some documents I found that it worked in 2003, but not 2007
  • MS: Word 2007 seems to be breaking reflow of images
  • MS: I think we find it both with Acrobat and Microsoft feture
  • CB: If I used print and reflow seems to work
  • MS: Maybe we need to report the problem to Adobe and Microsoft
  • MS: It seems to be something that an author cannot address
  • MS: There may be some image format
  • JG: What rules
  • MS: RULE: If the document does reflow all the text content should be present in the reflow view and in a logical order
  • MS: PDF has three layers and the reflow order is based on the text content layer, the order of a screen reader or save as accessible text is based on the tag layer
  • MS: The biggest problem is synchronizing the three views (content and tag views)
  • MS: The content and the tag view can get out of synch, CommonLook allows you to see both views and provides a mechanism to synchronize
  • JG: Is an accessible PDF document need reflow
  • MS: It is advantageous to reflow for people with low vision
  • JG: Can we separate out reflow from a particular authoring tool or rendering engine
  • NH: I have been using a iPad app that just extracts the text
  • MR: There are times when you choose the tag order or the document order
  • MS: The are issues where the content layer and tagging order cannot be put int he same order, like a brochure
  • MS: It was impossible in this case to get them synchronized
  • CD: When it is a brochure the panels need to be in a certain order
  • JG: There some context where some rules might difficult or impossible satisfy
  • MS: Reflow will work if there are no forms or images
  • MS: Two possible rules:
1. Documents should reflow, unless they include form controls 2. Content order must match visual order of rendering