(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. Review of UIC Digital Expo on Monday

2. Unique ID rule for Form controls review
  • Only test form types that can use LABEL and have an ID value for uniqueness
  • Not all form controls need IDs
  • Form controls can be labeled using [TITLE], so ID is not required

3. Image as H1 content
  • "http://engage.illinois.edu/newdesign.php?page=mainpage":http://engage.illinois.edu/newdesign.php?page=mainpage

4. Image link rule issue with FF Extension
  • Test page: "http://webacc-dev.cita.illinois.edu/test/21/":http://webacc-dev.cita.illinois.edu/test/21/

5. FAE Test version image issue

6. Other non-PDF issues

7. Adobe PDF Accessibility resources


Comments about UIC Web Conference
  • MS: Review and update IITAA standards once every three years
  • MS: The date february 2011, so work started in August 2008, look at this summer and this fall of the IITAA standards
  • MS: We will need to be looking at WCAG 2 and the updated Section 508 requirements
  • MS: The revised Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 are more harmonized and we need to look at this for IITAA
  • MS: The mechanism is through an official announcement and the work group will e called. There will probably be at least two work groups, one more policy and one more technical
  • MS: This group could we discuss these issues
  • MS: Do people on this call want to be part of the process
  • Many people said yes
  • MS: Does anyone have any initial thoughts on harmonization?
  • MS: Ken and Sean both pushed for harmonization
  • HR: My initial response is that it will be difficult, this group was formed to develop best practices
  • MS: That is a good point, the techniques are important for developers that they can understand
  • JG: We are moving to our best practices are already into openajax
  • HR: What is haromnization?
  • MS: Vendors want to design for a single standard
  • MS: The guidelines are technology agnostic, there needs to be techniques for difference technologies
  • MS: Are the techniques normative
  • JG: The WCAG 2.0 techniques are not normative they can change at anytime
  • JG: We can send comments on the Section 508
  • JG: I think we can contribute techniques
  • MS: May 5th find the Section 508 review
  • MS: I will make a schedule on working
  • HR: Should we have Sean?
  • MS: Not at this time
  • KP: I want to thank you for attending
  • HR: Don’t invite the the lunch guy again
  • CD: Sherry Linquist said something about 255
  • MS: They are rolling 255 and Section 508
  • JG: There is a huge difference in 255 and 508, since 255 requires companies to provide accessible technology
  • RS: Can you send out the Section 508 stuff

Unique IDs for form controls clarification
  • NH: There many be a better way to state the rule results, maybe a summary
  • NH: In FAE and BP we are concerned about 9 input types, 6 can use LABEL element
  • NH: The discussion on the list started morphing into a more general rule about ID on any input element
  • NH: I have only implemented unique id on the 6 controls
  • MS: ID can be a problem if a BUTTON element can mess up labeling if it was not unique with other form controls
  • NH: If you put an ID on an input type=button
  • MS: If you have multiple form controls with multiple with same ID value
  • NH: The label must be unique on the whole page
  • MS: We have a problem with input[type=button] has an ID it can some times cause problems
  • HR: I do not know the algorithm, but there is problem
  • MS: My guess is that there is a hueristics problem
  • NH: We need to change the best practice I guess
  • NH: I am concerned we have functional accessibility
  • MS: There are problems when input[type=button] ids conflict with other labels
  • JG: I will update the best practices
  • NH: Do we need to include button element?
  • MS: We need to include button element, the button element has the same problem at input[button]

Moodle HTML authoring
  • HR: I do not have any access to CSS styling, I do not like the styling effect of moodle
  • HR: I want to change the styling element of links
  • HR: I can use inline styling, very expensive in terms of time
  • HR: If I use a complete HTML file, I use external stylesheet
  • JG: Does anyone have any experience with Moodle
  • TO: I avoid inline styling
  • RS: We only allow a few things ….

DHTMLGET problem
  • JG: Found the image problem and are in the process of getting it fixed

Image problem with Firefox